Measure what is measurable and make measurable what is not.

Our Monitoring, Control and Safety Systems deliver integrated process control and future-proof businesses with advanced safety and improved life cycle support to protect investments.

Control Monitoring

Building management internal control systems need to be monitored, a process that assesses the system's performance and quality over time. This is accomplished through ongoing 24/7 monitoring activities, separate on site evaluations or a combination of the two. Ongoing monitoring occurs in the course of everyday operations. It must include regular management and supervisory activities, and other actions personnel/maintenance take in performing their duties.

Measure and Record

They are numerous ways to extract data required for monitoring. This can can include installation of wired or wireless devices or simply connecting to existing control networks for data point extraction.

Once the data has been established, the information is encrypted and delivered to our main server for analysis. After a period of time, depends on the amount of analysis required, reports are generated for our client. The data is constantly being measured and snapshots taken of various control outputs and inputs using proven analytical logic software written by Maxking Limited.

Review and Adapt

Human intervention occurs when the analytical logic has flagged an out of operating condition, this is where hundreds of measured data points have been captured before and after an established outside normal condition. All our engineers are familiar with HVAC equipment and the current site description of operation in order to add further control measures if and when required.